If you are someone who works out regularly, you know that gym clothes stink and you cannot get the smell out of them even after they have been washed! Ever wondered why this happens and what is the solution to this?

Synthetic fabrics make up for most of our activewear and these are the fabrics that absorb sweat, bacteria and other moisture from our body, in order to dry fast and hold on to them.
So if you thought your clothes only smelled because of your hard work you are wrong! Sweat is only one of the many contributing factors to the smell.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of the smell while washing your clothes:

Avoid the hamper/ basket:
Wash your workout clothes or air-dry them as soon as possible. Adding them to your laundry hamper will make them smell even more or even grow bacteria. Give them a soak before washing.
Switch to a different detergent:
Change your detergent and try to use a sport detergent which is especially
formulated to get rid of the odour. We have specific detergents to wash
workout wear.
Wash your gym clothes in cold water:
Washing your gym clothes in cold water helps in maintaining the quality and life of the clothes. Laundry, a pickup and drop service in Hyderabad,
separates clothes according to the type of wash required.
Skip the dryer and hang clothes:
The heat from the dryer in the machine can alter the shape, fit and flexibility of the fabric. Exposing activewear to such levels of heat may create an irreversible damage to the fabric, which will reduce its longevity.
Turn your clothes inside out:
Turning your clothes inside out while washing them gives an added benefit to the fabric by extending its life and maintaining the quality. At Lauryl, we make sure that your activewear, along with some other clothes are inside out before washing them.
Skip the fabric softener:
Fabric softener is the worst enemy of gym clothes as it damages flexible
fabrics and leaves a film on the surface of the fabrics that will trap more
odours than it already does.

A perfect replacement to fabric softeners is vinegar. It minimizes and softens the clothes.

A clear understanding of the fabrics and patience to separate and follow different cleaning procedures for each is required. And a professional laundry company like Lauryl offers all these services at extremely affordable prices! Download one of the apps to book an appointment.

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